PicScout es absorbida por Getty

Mediante la nota que os adjunto, me acabo de enterar de la adquisición por GettyImages de PicScout. En PicScout siempre han sido aferrimos defensores de los derechos de autor de los fotógrafos. Todavía no puedo sacar una conclusión de las consecuencias directas o indirectas de esta compra, pero las maniobras de Getty no suelen traer cosas buenas para los intereses de nuestra profesión, aunque después de ver esto en un foro, puede que cambie mi opinión.

ImageExcange es una aplicación de PicScout mediante la cual podemos averiguar online la autoría y tipo de licencia de cualquier foto existente en Internet, incluso comprarla online. Para los que a partir de ahora no os fiéis de ImageExchange, podéis usar TynEye.

Comunicado de PicScout:

"From our humble beginning, where Eyal and I had an idea for how to use technology to protect images and support copyright enforcement in 2002, to where we are today, achieved through the contributions of bright and committed team members and customers, our company evolved into the market standard for both protection and promotion of images.  As we look to the future, we are proud to announce that Getty Images is acquiring PicScout.
In 2008, I assumed the role of CEO and together we embarked upon a mission to take the company’s great legacy and extensive industry relationships and transform the industry by building a platform upon which PicScout could build more products.  This vision had as a key tenant - shift from a purely reactionary revenue recovery model for agencies via ImageTracker to also including a proactive revenue model of Instant Image ID™ with ImageExchange.
Per Getty’s release, here’s a glimpse at what they have planned:
“This acquisition will build and grow upon Getty Images’ existing range of products and services, enabling Getty Images to amplify its digital content licensing expertise and leverage PicScout’s technology in developing new image identification tools for customers.  Getty Images will invest in PicScout’s technology and continue to work across the entire image industry, to improve and expand protection of Intellectual Property, thus ensuring a stronger overall content licensing industry.”
To all of our clients and legal partners, we thank you for your support of PicScout and our products. You believed that we could deliver what we promised. Our success has always been directly tied to your success.
To our employees, thank you for everything you’ve done to contribute to the success of the business and our products. You’ve taken great pride in your work.  The business development, marketing and product team members have enabled us to significantly expand our customer presence and captured wide-spread interest in the power of image promotion.  Our Administrative and Support areas have ensured that we operate as a caring and professional organization.  Our R&D and operations teams have matched the business growth and delivered great products to market.  We are pleased that the R&D and operations teams will remain in Israel as we continue to deliver results for our clients.
PicScout will remain as a brand, continuing to support a myriad of applications based on the ImageIRC™ platform, including ImageTracker™ and ImageExchange™.  The acquisition by Getty serves as an opportunity for PicScout to further expand and accelerate its offerings as it delivers against the promise of Every Image Gets Its Credit™.
We are proud to be part of Getty’s plans to provide stronger content licensing support to this industry and we look forward to our ongoing relationship with you.  We will see many of you at CEPIC.
- Offir Gutelzon,
PicScout co-founder and CEO "